Spiritual exercices

Shah spent seven years in Mecca for realizing the spiritual experiences. In this city, Shah encountered “Ghotb edin Razi”. After having finished his exercises Shah went from Mecca to Egypt to meet “Seyed Hossein Akhlati”. He took the direction of Azerbaijan in Iran, where he met “Seyed Ghasem Anvar”; then he went to Turk Stan and spend 120 lonely days in the mountain of Samargand and practicing certain spiritual exercises. He also spent the other Quarantines in the mountain Alvand in Hamedan and Alborz in Damavand.

Meetings  and marriage

Then Shah went to Karbala and from there he took the way of Khorasan, and visited Samargand and Hirat.

In Samargand Shah married when he was 65 years old, and in the same city he encountered “Timor Lang”.

“Borhan din Khalil ollah” the son and the successor of Shah was born in 775. 

He went with his family from Samargand to Hirat, to Meshed, and finally to Yazd; in this city he spent 5 years and built a Khanegah and received the important personages of Sufism like “Mowlana Sharafodin Ali Yazdi”, “Khajeh Sainedin Ali Tarkeh Esfahni” and “Sheikh Shamsodin Hafiz”, famous poet of Shiraz.

Hafez stayed near Shah for 2 years and composed   very beautiful poems about Shah and his Khanegah.

Shah went to KohBanan in Mahan of Kerman and built a huge Sufi center. He traveled to Hind and to Shiraz. Shah accepted the demand of King Ahmad in Dakan, and sent his family to stay in Hind.


The death of Shah Nematollah happened in the month of Rajab of 832 when he was 104 years old. His tomb is in Mahan,Iran. 

“Nematollahi order” in the World

The Sufi Order “Nematollahi” who attributes himself to Shah Nematollah has always been the largest and the most popular Sufi Order in the World.



The Sheikhs and the adepts of this Order came to Iran about the 12th century of Hegira, to learn again about this Order in this Country.

The famous Sufi Masters who managed this order were from all over the world; from Asia, Africa and



Europe, and this plurality gives a universal color to this order.

The Sufi Masters of this order learned the way of spirituality of the human being, and they traveled around the world for inviting all people to peace and tolerance. For the Sheikhs and the Masters of this order every man and woman has the capacity to become the vicar of God on earth. The differences of the skin’s color, geographical origin, culture, language, etc, are not the important factors for substantial evolution.


Nowadays the Spiritual Center of the Nematollahi order is in a little town - named Gonabad - in Korasan; and the principle center of mysticism’s activity is in Tehran. This center is composed of 3 parts :

a)- a grand place for the mystical ceremony,  named “Hosseinieh”.

b)- the library  “saleh”,

c)- medical center (darmangah Saleh).

The adepts of this order gather twice a week (Thursday and Sunday after-noon) for one or two hours and participate in a spiritual ceremony, so they have two gatherings each week. 

Grand master

The actual successor of Shah Seyed Nour Din Nematollah Wali –39th Grand Master of Nematollahi order- is “Dr Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah”. He lives in Tehran.