Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh was born and grew up in Tehran, Iran, and now lives in Paris, France.

He completed his intermediate education at Alborz High School. He then graduated from Durol Fonoon Collegiate.  He continued his studies in Arabic literature by attending the Teachers' College of Dunesh-Sarye Ollie.  Afterwards, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in law from the University of Tehran.

Dr. Azmayesh was taught by many eminent Iranian's lecturers and professors such as, late Mahmood Shahaby, Ali Akbar Shahaby, Meshkut, Mohammad Jaffar Mahjoob, Abdul Husain Zareenkoob, Zabeholah Safa, Zeyaodeen Sajady, Ghareeb, Seyed Jaffar Shaar, Hareery, Pud, Ali Abadi and other mentors.

After finishing his Social Service Program in Iran, he immigrated to Paris to pursue his education further.

Upon his arrival in Paris, he went to the Sorbonne University and under the vigilant eyes of the late professor Henry Corbin, who was, at the time, teaching an exclusive topic on Molah Sadra Shirazi's literary work, studied religion.  While at Sorbonne, he also joined Lyon University and gained his Ph.D. in Islamic Language and Philosophy that were instructed by prominent professors such as Paul Noya, Jemareh, Jenyo and Al-Saif

His academic achievements, so far, did not stop him from another challenge, and this time he came to know professor Shakankary who was a guest Professor at Sorbonne from Egyptian University of Al-Azahr.  He took advantage of this great opportunity and studied "History of Law". Dr. Azmayesh later completed an inquiry and research on Islamic and European "Law".  He used the gained knowledge to advance himself to yet another Ph.D. credential in Philosophy of "Velayat and Khelafat' with regard to both Islamic branches, Sonni and Shiat.  Furthermore, he submitted his final academic paper focusing on the historical evolution of "Usury" in Islamic religion.  

In spite of all his academic accomplishments, Dr. Azmayesh was determined to continue, independently, his research in law, philosophy and other scientific subjects.

Therefore, he began to publish books and different articles and continued his research using original academic and scientific resources available through the central library in France.  Among his publications, he was able to do research on "Aburayhan Byroony's Thesis" and publish his report under a heading called "Al-Estayaub Fi-Sanaete Ostorlub".

He also reviewed, corrected, wrote a rational prologue to the Hadayegh-Al-Syaheh of late Mirza Zynolabeddin Shirvani and re-published it.

 Without a doubt, his books "Erfan-Iran khrad Seteez Ast Ya Ensun Suz" and "History of evolution in Nematolahi Organization" were so well written that they attracted the attention of so many readers, especially those interested in Sufism.  These books were published repetitively to accommodate the demands.

Since 1991, Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh has published "Erfan-e-Iran".  During the last year and half, he has embarked upon the publication of the new series of the subscription book "Erfan-e-Iran" with the input from prominent professors, dedicated individuals and authentic .writers.  This publication, which provides a concise, insightful information on various topics

 related to the characteristics of Sufism and spiritual growth, has been distributed all over the world and those fascinated by the subject have benefited from it. Also, many educators and gurus appreciated the effort he put forth